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Cleaniful Commerical Cleaning and Janitorial Services offers great floor cleaning services throughout the city. You can enjoy the cleanest and best-looking floors when you choose to use our commercial floor cleaning services. We are based in San Diego, California and our team has experience with cleaning many different types of commercial flooring. All of the services that we offer combine low-prices with excellent quality results. Cleaning commercial floors can be a time-consuming task if you do not have the necessary equipment and expertise. You can trust us to help you to quickly get your floors looking as good as new for a very affordable price.

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If you have carpets in your property then cleaning them can prove to be particularly challenging. Dirt and stains can embed themselves in carpets over time. Once this happens the marks can no longer be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner. In cases of more deep-set stains and dirt, our team can provide commercial steam cleaning services. Steam cleaning is a great and easy way to lift and remove marks from your carpet. Our commercial carpet cleaning service company also uses other professional equipment, like high-powered vacuum cleaners, which are faster and more effective at removing dirt from your carpets.


Hardwood and other wooden type floors should be cleaned regularly and carefully to ensure that they stay in great condition. If dirt is left on the surface of these floors for too long then it can gradually become embedded in the surface and result in more difficult to remove marks. More abrasive cleaning products can also be harmful to your wooden flooring. Our team has years of experience working with hardwood and other wooden floorings. We understand the needs of different wood floors and can help to provide tailored care for your flooring. Our company will ensure that you get a clean and well-maintained floor that you can enjoy.

Synthetic Flooring

Synthetic flooring, such as PVC, vinyl, or concrete also requires cleaning over time. Dirt and stains can affect synthetic types of floors as they can any other type of flooring. Cleaniful Commerical Cleaning and Janitorial Services has experience dealing with many different flooring and our team can provide your company with professional and customized floor cleaning services. We have top-grade vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, and other first-rate cleaning equipment. Our team will carefully select the best cleaning tools to help them give your synthetic flooring the most efficient clean. Cleaning products will also be chosen according to what works best with your specific commercial flooring.

Professional Floor Cleaning

If you are looking to have your commercial floor cleaned then select Cleaniful Commerical Cleaning and Janitorial Services. Our company can provide the best floor cleaning deals in the city. You will be sure to find a floor cleaning service that suits your needs and your budget perfectly. We can work effectively with a wide range of different floorings and will tailor our services to suit your floor. Our main aim is to always provide you with the best services. You will find unbeatable floor cleaning results with our team. We have the professional cleaning equipment, products, and know-how to help us provide you with consistently amazing commercial floor cleaning services.

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